How to Become More Productive at Work

How to Become More Productive at Work

Friends, we all want to increase our productivity in the workplace. 

Whether it is for:-

- Getting more things done within the day.

- To have more time for ourselves and our family.

- To earn more money.

- To have time to learn new things.

- To have time to indulge in our hobbies.

- etc.

Let us discuss some awesome ways through which we can increase our productivity:-

1) Start making a list of all the things which need to be done.

You can make such a list in a spreadsheet on your computer/laptop, Or you can install an app on your phone, wherein you can mention all the things/tasks, which you have to finish.

Keep on adding more tasks to this list, as and when they come.

Simultaneously, you need to decide which things are important/urgent and which are not so urgent. 

And accordingly, add a priority number to each task. For example - Priority-1, Priority-2, Priority-3, and so on. 

Then, arrange all the tasks in order of importance/priority. and after that, focus on the first task in this list and devote all your energy to complete that particular task.

Once the first task gets completed, then move on to the next task.

2) In addition to the above point, do try to complete the difficult tasks first of all, at the start of the day. (You can highlight them as Priority-1).

Once the tough things are completed, then managing the rest of the work throughout the day is quite easy and thus your productivity would increase.

3) Declutter your workspace.

You need to remove any unwanted distractions from your table, as well as from your computer.

When everything around you is neat and organised, then you are more motivated to work and are able to focus more on the task at hand. Thus, you would be able to complete it effectively and as a result, you would be able to increase your productivity.

4) If you have to complete any big project, then divide the project into small, manageable portions and then complete each small portion one by one. 

In this way, you would not be stressed out, by the size/complexity of the project and would be able to complete it easily as well as within the targeted time.

5) Start waking up early.

Trust me, your productivity will increase by leaps and bounds, when you start getting up early. 

- Early in the morning, there are no distractions, no cellphones ringing, no constant notifications coming on mobile.

- You can have time to read you favourite book.

- You can complete the presentation which you need to deliver in the office, later on in the day.

- You can plan to do exercise/meditation/any activity of your choice.

6) Try to leave home and reach your office early in the morning. 

The first benefit is that you would find less traffic on the way, if you leave home early.

The next benefit is that, by reaching office early, you would be having more time to complete the work at hand.


Since you are absolutely fresh in the mornings, you can get more work done and thus, you can also have the chance to leave office early in the evening.

Friends, I hope that you have enjoyed this article on some of the awesome ways to increase productivity in the workplace. 

I would be further continuing on this topic in my upcoming articles…


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